GH’s Robin’s Death… was it really necessary?

I suspected that if Kimberly was ever to leave General Hospital, it would not be a simple “I’m going to see Brenda, bye all” kinda deal. But did they really have to blow her up in tiny pieces? Did they have to do that now that Vanessa Marcil is not available? How plausible is it that her best friend won’t attend her memorial? I understand it’s a soap and she could come back, but it would have to be as a new character since there is no feasible way she got out, then found another exit before it went ka-boom!

Another thing that I am happy about is the return of my all time favorite actress Finola Hugues. Sources say that she will stick in Port Charles for the foreseeable future. She will soon be reunited with Tristan Rogers, fresh off his stint on The Young and the Restless.

So the show is bringing in new characters from One Life to Live to feel the void, but the question I am still asking myself, was it absolutely necessary to kill her off in such a tragic and final way.

My wish is that Finola Hugues will have the right and priviledge to go in dual mode again and have Alex Devane come back to life. How again plausible is it that her aunt can’t find the time to comfort her sister Anna?

What do you guys wish would come out of this tragedy? Will they discover it’s Maxie’s fault? What will Patrick do?


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