Sarah Brown: Talk about a streak of bad luck

Ever since exiting her popular role of Claudia Zacchara on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Sarah Brown can’t seem to catch a break. The actress was excited to tackle a role that was described as ground breaking for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. It only took a few days to see where that was headed and she was turned into a regular girl wanting another women’s man. Her role was so not original that she simply vanished in the background. Then came news that she was joining DAYS OF OUR LIVES in a role of a strong women. Now news as come out that she has been written out the show.

Sarah Brown made head turns when she announced she would be re-joining GENERAL HOSPITAL several years after leaving her role of Carly Corinthos. What made it special, is that she was not returning to her signature role, but to a newly created role of Claudia Zacchara. To this day and even after being killed onscreen, Claudia is being mentionned quite regularly. It was recently revealed that she was Johnny’s mother, not brother.

I say let’s start a campaign to woo her back to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Claudia. Wouldn’t that be amazing ?

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