What to watch this weekend: Our suggestions

Are you wondering what to watch this weekend. Have you missed new series like Ringer, Revenge… are you on Netflix and wondering what to watch? Well here is our suggestions what to catch up on and see.


For sure the best new drama this year. Sarah Michelle Gellar kills it in the dual roles of Siobhan and Bridget and Bridget pretending to be Siobhan. The twist and turns alone keeps you on the edge of your feet. I suggest you watch the first six episodes this weekend and continue until the season finale that promises a lot of OMG moments. People who loved Melrose Place (the original) because of the backstabbing and such will love this show.


I watched the pilot and stopped. I had too much on my plate. But each preview I saw makes me want to watch it. So this weekend I will watch episodes 1 to 6 (and add a post about it also). Why dont you watch it with me!

3) NETFLIX : The Nanny

My belly hurts on how much laughter this show brings me. Fran Dresher is a comedic genious in an ensemble cast that makes every minute funny. I am currently at a quarter of season 2 and the show just gets better and better.


What are you guys watching, what do you guys recommend watching on NETFLIX ?

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