Bay City

About the Web Novel:

The Web Novel begins 13 years after the series finale of Another World. It follows the lives of Rachel Cory and other characters from other series in new adventures and new characters.Five years ago, Bay City was nearly destroyed by a horrific tornado. Claiming the lives of many and many other still missing, we start the story five years after those events. Who lived? Who died? Read and find out!


Sandra Ferguson as Amanda Cory

Matt Crane as Matt Cory

Judi Evans Luciano as Paulina Cory Carlino [Chapter 4 to 12]

Victoria Wyndham as Rachel Cory Hutchins

Charles Keaton as Carl Hutchins

Michael Rodrick as Cameron Sinclair

Amy Carlson as Josie Watts Sinclair

Timothy Gibbs as Gary Sinclair

Steve Schnetzer as Cass Winthrop [Chapter 4 to 20]

Lindze Letherman as Charlie Winthrop [Chapter 5 to 20]

Anna Stuart as Donna

Eileen Wheeler as Marly

Katherine Kelly-Lang as Brooke Logan Forrester

Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Newman

Joshua Morrow as Nicholas Newman

Kelly Monaco as Samantha McCall

Robin Christopher as Skye Quartermaine

Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones [Chapter 17to 20]

Geena Davis as Dr. Julia Stevens [Chapter 4 to 20]

Paul Satterfield as Andrew Stevens [Chapter 4 to 20]

Jensen Buchanan as Carmen Hart (Vicky McKinnon)

Linda Dano as Felicia Gallant [Chapter 4 to 6, 9 to 12, 16 to 20]

Amy Brennerman as Violet Turner

Mini Picture Gallery:

 Rachel CorySkye Chandler QuartermaineSamantha McCall

Related News:

Bay City who was originally cancelled after Seven chapters will resume production of new chapters that will beginning being available in September 2012. Each month we will release a new chapter, beginning with Chapter One this February 2012. Join Rachel Cory and the gang for exciting new stories. Go here to read the series


What character from another soap would you love to see on BAY CITY ? Comment away!


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